Lappeenranta Music Institute

The Lappeenranta Music Institute is situated in the center of the City Of Lappeenranta. We offer music studies in the following levels: elementary, basic and music institute.

Elementary level

includes music playgroups for preschoolers.

Basic level

is mainly from ages 7 to 16. (Vocal studies is an exception. The student must be over 16 to study voice.)

Music institute level

leads students to professional studies in music.

In addition to these, we offer opportunities for adult studies.

The Music Institute works in close co-operation with Lappenranta’s educational system featuring special music classes from Third to Ninth grades. Other local partners are Sonja Tammela dance school, Lappeenranta school of visual arts for young children, Lappeenranta city theater and Lappenranta city orchestra.

The Music Institute’s faculty has in excess of 50 teachers. The student body is presently 800 students -- 300 of them attend preschool groups.  Our curriculum is based on national guidelines issued by the Finnish National Board of Education.

We offer instrumental studies in 24 instruments. In addition to instrumental studies, our curriculum includes music theory studies for all in the basic and music institute levels.

Chamber music groups, student orchestras, choirs, bands and other music projects are also an essential part of the studies. 

Our entrance examination for the basic level takes place in May (application.pdf)
Preschoolers have only to sign in at the beginning of the Autumn term, in August. 


Minna Tissari
tel. +358 400 770 228
e-mail: musiikkiopisto(at)

Lappeenranta Music Institute
Koulukatu 36
FI – 53100 Lappeenranta